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Atelier SONAR | English version

Alexandre Michaan
Luc Hurter
Case studies
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L'Atelier SONAR gathers two conservators with a Master's degree in heritage conservation from the french national institute of cultural heritage (INP), Luc Hurter and Alexandre Michaan.


Next to painting conservation and video, media art and photograph conservation, the studio aims for researching and developing the use of digital tools and technologies in heritage conservation.

Through the development of visualization tools, digital modeling techniques and procedures, and the conception of helping tools for condition reports and conservation studies, l'Atelier SONAR proposes to explore new methods of computer-assisted conservation.

Digital support for condition reports




With our perspective of providing optimally intelligible documents for the entire circles of actors of the conservation and curatorship chain, we also work on the development of new methods for condition report through digital means.


Thanks to specifical interfaces made for conservators and institutions, and through already existing softwares or specially developed new apps, we explore the possibilities to build new condition reports more modular, responsive and ergonomic.


We hope thanks to these tools to be able to answer to the increasing needs of problematical non-typical objects in the conservation world - virtual artworks, complex installations, mixed media objects... - for which the traditional methods of condition report are often not adapted.


3D modeling, visualization systems and educational material conception






We propose services of digital modeling (3D modeling and 2D interactive models) applied to the specifical needs of conservation and preservation.


Through the conception of visualization systems specifically adapted to each artwork case, we aim for providing the best help to institutions, conservators and researchers in their various works : research reports, case studies and conservation reports, artworks identification files...  

Using these digital tools within the materiality-based conservator approach and practice which is ours, we propose to find ways to increase the understanding of the technical and technological singularities of artworks, and of their alteration mecanisms in time. 


Advanced artworks documentation : ultra-high definition photo documentation and photogrammetry




We propose advanced ways of documenting artworks, from composite photographic documentation allowing to obtain images in ultra-high resolution thanks to multiple detail views assembling, to 3D scanning of their surfaces thanks to the photogrammetry technique, in order to build an accurate visual documentation, optimally adapted to the needs of detailed condition reports and identification files.


In this perspective, we research new techniques of hybrid documentation, combining real-photographed views and digital modeling, able to fit the most unusual or problematical art objets.



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